Udacity Brand Evolution



Project Overview

Over the last year the Udacity marketing site evolved from a state where the voice and tone of the brand really was not reflecting the level of excitement and happenings in the Udacity offerings. You can read about that evolution here

Since then the brand had veered off a bit causing some core issues from an art direction standpoint. As we've continued to grow, it's now time to bring the level of polish and legitimacy to the brand.


While we originally introduced colors and gradients that brought about a new level of excitement to the site, we didn't have a strong foundational design system in place to make sure the integrity of the brand would be kept. As a result we finally arrived at a place with some real issues.

Example above shows issue with color vibration as a result of with poor gradient and color choice.



Color issues aside, a primary goal of a redesign would be to bring a clarity and cleanliness with emphasis placed back on the core palette with vibrant photography, high-contrast, and overall legibility. As these things are achieved we get back to the importance and simplicity of what Udacity is and offers.


Page Sections

We emphasize page sections for readability by utilizing scroll and the viewport. While we tone down the amount of elements and colors in each page section, we still communicate with tasteful color, depth, and movement.


Nanodegree Hub

The offerings should feel connected as the visitor navigates from the homepage to the catalog. We move away from respective offering identities to a more cohesive catalog. As Udacity's offering increases, one of our top priorities is quality. The offering tiles should reflect this with clear imagery, high-contrast, legibility.

Offering Overview Pages

Navigating into an offering over page should still feel very connected all the way back up to the top. While each offering is unique in it's content and authors , it's extremely important that the Udacity Brand as a whole is only strengthened by the growing catalog. Clear offering preview imagery, neutral backgrounds and overlays complementing Udacity primary pallet, paired with high-contrast typography create a strong opportunity for an on boarding funnel. Students should feel like they are getting an accurate look at their classroom experience.


Once students arrive to the signed-in experience the feeling should be similar to that of the signed-out, however, emphasis shifts to student progress and encouragement to complete student deadlines.


As of 2018 one of main initiatives will be to grow in our offerings. We will be addressing the brand cleanup/refresh from all ends and meet in the middle. Changes have already started to be implemented and lead by our marketing design team starting with the overview pages. Example here.

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